Samgak Gimbab / Onigiri - Rice Balls Kimchi
Samgak Gimbab / Onigiri - Rice Balls Kimchi

Samgak Gimbab / Onigiri - Rice Balls Kimchi

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Samgak gimbap (삼각김밥) is a popular Korean snack or light meal that consists of triangular-shaped rice balls wrapped in seaweed and filled with various ingredients. The word "samgak" means "triangle" in Korean, while "gimbap" is a variation of the Japanese word "sushi" and refers to any type of Korean rice roll.

The filling of samgak gimbap varies widely, but some common ingredients include seasoned rice, bulgogi (marinated beef), kimchi, pickled radish, carrots, spinach, and tuna. Some variations may also include cheese, ham, and other types of vegetables.

To make samgak gimbap, a sheet of roasted seaweed (nori) is placed on a triangular mold, and a layer of seasoned rice is pressed onto the seaweed. The desired filling ingredients are placed on top of the rice, and then more rice is added to cover the filling. The mold is then closed, and the rice ball is removed and wrapped in a triangular piece of plastic wrap.

Samgak gimbap is a convenient and portable snack that is commonly found in Korean convenience stores and can also be made at home. It is often eaten as a quick lunch or snack on-the-go.

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