Dashi- Meat Udon Cup Noodle
Dashi- Meat Udon Cup Noodle

Dashi- Meat Udon Cup Noodle

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Fried noodle: wheat flour, palm oil, salt. 

Soup: sugar, salt, soy sauce powder, aroma, beef flavor powder, seafood spice powder, protein hydrolyzate, dried bonito powder, pepper.

Topping: processed soy protein, fried dough, seaweed (Wakame), Welsh onion, modified starch, spice (amino acid), antioxidant (E339), colors (E170, E150a), emulsifier (E414), aroma, spice extract, acid, antioxidant (vitamin E),  Vitamins B2 and B1, Monascus color.

Contains wheat, soy and fish.

74 g.

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