Sweet Pancake Mix
Sweet Pancake Mix

Sweet Pancake Mix

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Mix: wheat flour, emulsifier (E1442), glutinous rice flour, soybean oil, puffed rice oil, sugar, salt, skim milk (skim milk powder, whey powder) blended butter (butter, corn syrup); acidity regulators (E336, E341) E575), preservative (E297), corn starch, emulsifiers (E470a, E473), glucose, roasted bean flavor, dry yeast, color (E160b).

Filling: brown sugar, roasted peanut powder, glucose, wheat flour, soybean oil, cinnamon powder, molasses powder, color (E150c), dry yeast [emulsifier (E491)].

Contains wheat, soy, milk, and peanuts.

400 g.

478 g
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