Roasted Beef Cup Noodle
Roasted Beef Cup Noodle

Roasted Beef Cup Noodle

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Noodles: wheat flour, palm oil, tapioca starch, salt, flavor enhancer (E621), raising agents (E501, E500), emulsifiers (E452, E450, E415), sodium hexametaphosphate, turmeric. 

Sauce: palm oil, soy sauce (soy, salt, water), chili sauce (chili, salt, water) wine, soybean paste (soy, salt, water), chives, ginger, garlic, chili, sichuan pepper, mandarin powder. 

Seasoning: salt, yeast extract, sugar, artificial flavor (including soybean oil), dried vegetable protein powder (hydrolyzed soy protein, maltodextrin, salt), chili powder, aniseed powder, black pepper powder, corn starch, sichuan pepper emulsifier (E415), flavor enhancer (E635), caramel, anti-caking agent (E551).

Dried vegetables: cabbage (cabbage, glucose), chili, chives. 

Contains wheat and soy.

May contain dairy products, shrimp, crab, fish, eggs and peanuts.

110 g.

152 g
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