Instant Hot Pot Vegetable Hot Soup
Instant Hot Pot Vegetable Hot Soup

Instant Hot Pot Vegetable Hot Soup

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Vegetable packet: konjac, potato, lotus root, bamboo shoots, enoki, wood ear, vermicelli, mushroom, salt (star anis, galangal, cinnamon, sesame). 

Sauce packet: soybean oil, broad bean pasta, chili, salt, galangal, garlic, sugar, butter (milk), sichuan pepper, spices (star anis, galangal, cinnamon shell, sesame). 

Spice powder: chili powder, sichuan pepper powder, spring onion, coriander, flavor enhancers (E621, E635), preservatives (E202, E266), sweetener (E950), emulsifier (E385), antioxidant (E330).

Vinegar packet: vinegar.

Contains sesame, soy and milk.

366 g
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