Instant Noodle Mi Goreng Pedas
Instant Noodle Mi Goreng Pedas

Instant Noodle Mi Goreng Pedas

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Noodles: wheat flour, refined palm oil [antioxidant (E319)], salt emulsifier (E451, E421), leavening agents (E501, E500), color (E101). 

Seasoning packet: salt, sugar, flavor enhancers (E621, E637, E631), onion powder, garlic powder, yeast extract, artificial chicken flavor. 

Seasoning oil: refnied palm oil [antioxidant (E319)], chili, garlic, onion, pepper. 

Sweet soy sauce: sugar, water, salt, wheat, soybean, spices, sesame oil. 

Fried onion: onion, refined palm oil [antioxidant (E319)], chili powder. 

Contains wheat, soy and sesame.

80 g.

92 g
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