Tofu only available for shipping method " Click ja Collect".

Minimum order 10 euros.

The following terms apply to fresh orders and deliveries:

KIMCHI AND RICE CAKE, FRESH PRODUCTS are sent at the start of the week. Orders made close to weekend, are shipped on the next monday to avoid long storage times in warm warehouses. We recommend to pick the package up as fast as possible, because the products are not being cooled en route. We are not responsible for external factors such as delayed deliveries or a too late pickup by the customer.

3,50 €

200g bag Thaimaa

5,80 €

Fresh product

6,80 €

6 pcs / box.

6,60 €

6 pcs / box.

3,40 €

1,50 €

tuotteen takaisinveto - on liikaa kemiallista torjunta-ainetta (Tiabendatsoli).

7,50 €

Fresh product, stored between 0 to 7°C! (shipped with coolpack)

5,80 €

Only available for shipping method " Click ja Collect".